Redwood is a vertically integrated real estate investment manager concentrated on the multifamily sector.

We are resolute in our goal to be the foremost choice of institutional and private equity in pursuit of strategic multifamily investments. Our capabilities include investment, asset, construction and property management.

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Established in 2007 by industry veterans David Carlson and Mark Isaacson, Redwood has acquired, renovated and repositioned 24,562 units encompassing 75 individual assets valued at over $2.8 billion. We have invested nearly $1 billion of equity on behalf of world-class institutions, life companies, global fund sponsors and family offices. We have produced an exceptional track record built on the experience and dedication of the highly competent real estate professionals on our team.


Redwood employs a highly disciplined investment strategy focused on the repositioning of multifamily communities. We identify distinctive opportunities with the potential for attractive risk adjusted rates of return. We employ a strict regimen of data based research coupled with forensic analytics of an asset’s historical performance. We have an aptitude for spotting operational inefficiencies and for value-engineering construction scope and cost. Our ability to detect opportunities throughout all phases of the economic cycle underscores our capacity to be creative, nimble and targeted within virtually any environment. Our bespoke approach to investment analytics maximizes revenue, minimizes expenses and ultimately drives value, in any stage of the market cycle.


We aim to be the model for resident satisfaction and loyalty, thereby leading the industry in investment performance. We are driven to be an investment manager who connects the dots from our residents, to our asset performance to our investment performance.


Redwood is driven to generate exceptional value to all stakeholders including our partners, our residents and our associates. We orient our actions towards the creation of alpha from our investments, a resident experience of total satisfaction and the empowerment of our associates. These are the three pillars of our modus operandi that will lead us to setting new standards for industry excellence.

Core Values

Extraordinary Reputation
Preserve an extraordinary reputation known for the highest ethical standards, unwavering transparency with our stakeholders and a knack for transactional excellence.
Service Excellence
Never settle for mediocrity. We perpetually strive for service excellence with our partners and our residents. We want our stakeholders to recall an experience that leaves them amazed, by our results, our product, our behavior and our capabilities.
Culture of Empowerment
Foster a culture of empowerment for our associates. Through skill specific training, mentoring and unilateral feedback, our associates have a distinct level of expertise and confidence. They are armed with the proper tools to complete their job for the betterment of our investors and our residents.
Research Driven Analytics
Steadfastly adhere to research driven analytics. We implement a regiment of intensive data analysis during all phases of the transaction life cycle. The correlation between quantitative research and investment performance is the cornerstone of our investment selection.
Some would state that integrity is a ubiquitous core value that should be expected. Agreed. That’s exactly why it should be addressed. It frames the cornerstone of every action we take within and without of our organization. It is what distinguishes our efforts from others.
Philanthropic Activities
We believe it is our duty to be stewards of the communities in which we operate and strive to enhance the lives of those we touch. We further that by encouraging our associates to engage in philanthropic activities within their respective communities in meaningful ways.